About NICE Hospital

Motherhood is one of nature’s most precious gifts and a very integral and important part of life for all living beings. The need to protect and seek out safe surroundings is so instinctive in mothers to be that even in the wild, birthing mothers prepare for birth by seeking out comfortable and secure surroundings for welcoming their young ones, whether it’s a lioness seeking out a comfortable and secure cave or an eagle nesting at the highest point on the mountain, being a mother brings along with it a universal desire so strong to protect and provide the safest and best environment for the precious young life.

It is with this understanding that we promise and provide the right environment for a woman during labour – conditions in which she feels safe, private and unobserved. We are equally adept at handling high risk pregnancies and promise to provide the best available medical management and intervention to ensure safe and healthy mother and child.

We are also profoundly aware of the stress and anxiety experienced by families when one of the family members is in need of medical attention, whether it’s the birthing mother or the new born baby and we are selflessly committed to providing the best medical care that our patients deserve. Our empathy towards those who approach us at times of need pushed us to go beyond an expected hospital infrastructure to designing it so carefully keeping in mind its aesthetics and function. Detailed attention has been given to the minutest of points, like minimal distance between our surgery rooms and patient wards. A well thought through ventilation system separate for each wing, the air filtered separately hence reducing the chances of infection/sepsis through air ducts in new-borns.

We offer the most advanced medical technology on par with the west, and ensure that such privilege is not taxed on our patients. At our facility, we promise to provide the comforts of a Mercedes Benz at the cost of a Nano. We believe in optimally using the technology available to provide the best outcomes in healthcare and humbly boast of an accredited Level IIIA Neonatal ICU.

It is our constant endeavour to provide the current medical care with the utmost cost-effectiveness. Our patients deserve the best comfort and care! And we promise to make our city the safest place for new-borns.