NICE Hospital prides itself with an adept Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) that is proficient in treating numerous types of ailments in children that need to be dealt with alacrity.

The Paediatric department is well equipped with advanced ventilation techniques for children with respiratory conditions. Progressive medical techniques are available for children with cardiovascular, renal and gastrointestinal conditions.

We are a unit, that nurtures, is productive and experienced. We work on a promise to employ the best and most cost effective treatment for your child.

Paediatric Out Patient Services
The hospital runs several speciality clinics for children and adolescents.

Asthma & allergy clinic – With the increasing pollution and changing weather, allergic conditions like frequent cough, sneezing and skin itching among children is also rising. Our doctors not only provide immediate care but also a comprehensive long term plan.

Well baby clinic– Routine check-up of growth, development, nutrition, immunisation/vaccination of new born babies till the age of 5 years is imperative for their good health. The well baby clinic addresses these issues with a thorough long term plan.

Adolescent Clinic– Adolescence alone is a stressful development process even for physically healthy teens. Adolescent’s development issues, like body changes, mood changes and psychological issues not including substance abuse need a specialised treatment plan, administered by a compassionate care giver. Our adolescent physicians/psychologists help properly guide the teenagers and their parents through the issues that they may have.

Paediatric Surgery
The Division of Paediatric Surgery offers comprehensive paediatric surgical care to the new-born. Children, especially babies, present special challenges in surgery because of their small size and their responses to illness and surgery. Our paediatric surgeons provide consultation and comprehensive inpatient and outpatient surgical care. The surgeries are supported through a well-equipped OT and SICU along with a team of skilled and efficient anaesthetist, paediatricians and nurses.